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    Good News! 7 Positive Environmental Stories from October 2020

    by Kaylee Brzezinski October 30, 2020 3 min read

    purple, yellow, green, and orange leaves in a pile
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    7 Good Environmental News Stories from the Past Month to Make You Smile 

    Fall is in the air! Nothing makes you more aware of the wonders of nature than the brilliant colors of fall foliage and orange pumpkins all around! Well this month, we are feeling serious fall vibes. And we're feeling serious positive vibes too. In our favorite monthly rundown, we've selected some of the most uplifting environmental stories from around the world. Make sure to bookmark this one because you might need some good news later next week after the election. But no matter the outcome, there will still be people out there fighting for nature, spreading awareness, and doing their part to create a better future.

    So what do you say? Ready for some adorable, inspiring, and record breaking good news? 

    1. It's Official: Scientists Find That Watching Cute Animals Is Good For Your Health

    Now you can shamelessly scroll through those feeds looking at adorable animals as much as you want because it's good for your health! Researchers at England’s University of Leeds have found that observing "cute" animals decreases stress levels in humans. According to a statement, "19 participants were asked to watch a 30-minute slide show that included images and short video clips of a range of animals, including Australia’s iconic marsupial the quokka". After watching the slideshow, every participants' heart rate dropped!

    2. Record Number of Turtles Hatch in Mexico

    A record number of endangered turtles hatched in northern Mexico! The cause of this phenomenon? It is believed that the success of this great hatch is the result of reduced human activity during the coronavirus pandemic. The olive ridley sea turtle is considered to be at high risk of extinction. They generally lay their eggs on the beach between May and September. Due to limits in tourism and fishing, the turtles were able to more safely hatch and make it to the ocean.

    Denver Wants to Fix a Legacy of Environmental Racism

    Historically, trees and city parks in America go to wealthy, white neighborhoods. Now, a program in Colorado’s capital is trying to correct that injustice. By implementing a new environmental tax that has created a larger budget, the city is planning to purchase land for new parks, repair derelict playgrounds, add recreation centers and plant trees in areas where shade is sparse. Trees for everybody!

    4. New York to Finally Enforce Plastic Bag Ban

    This may sound familiar, and that is because the ban occurred way back in March where enforcement was to follow a month later. But as you may remember, the world got a little distracted by this thing they call a global pandemic. Luckily, the enforcement of the ban is no longer on delay and is now in full force and effect! According to DEC figures reported by ABC7, "New Yorkers were using around around 23 billion plastic bags a year, but only use each bag for an average of 12 minutes". Way to go New York! This will make a great positive impact. 

    5. World's Loneliest Elephant Finds New Home

    Kavaan the elephant was dubbed the "World's Loneliest Elephant" by supporters because he was kept in a small enclosure in a zoo for almost 35 years. For some of that time, Kavaan was accompanied by a partner but unfortunately, she passed away in 2012. Since then, he became much more aggressive towards humans, can you blame him?! Well, things are looking up for Kavaan as he is being transferred to a Wildlife Sanctuary where he will have more adequate space, care, and friends. We're so happy for you Kavaan!

    6. Prince William: Earthshot Prize is About Optimism

    Now this is a prize we can get behind! Prince William is launching a prize somewhat like the Nobel Peace Prize but exclusively about driving progress to fight climate change. Prince William hopes that the prize will create momentum and optimism to save the environment, and that it will allow for great ideas to be scaled and supported into success. 

    7. China Has Surprised the World With Climate Action Announcement

    China's President Xi Jinping shocked the world when he announced that China would reach net-zero emissions by 2060. Prior to the announcement, it was assumed that there were no plans for the country to heavily contribute to the battle towards mitigating climate change as it was seemingly not on the government's radar. This is huge news for us all as China currently accounts for 28% of global carbon emissions. We look forward to seeing more of these plants materialize!

    Another day, another month's worth of positive environmental news! We see a little more progress every month and hope to see it continue to build until we truly live on a sustainable planet, everyone breathes clean air, and we ALL have access to beautiful green spaces. Don't forget, your choices matter and you can have an impact. Election Day is quickly approaching so don't forget to vote! If you want to make a greater impact you can plant a tree!

    Need a little more good news? Check out more positive environmental stories from the last few months.

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    Get news, updates, & event Info delivered right to your inbox: