May 17, 2017 1 min read

There's nothing sweeter than the sight of people coming together for the shared mission of restoration, reforestation, and nurturing the environment. That's exactly what we saw this week!

We had the pleasure of contributing 450 trees to a planting collaboration between the Columbia Slough Watershed Council and M.E.Ch.A - a student organization at the University of Oregon - in Portland, Oregon. 

The goal was to complete two restoration projects on Heron Lakes Golf Club in Oregon. The sites included two different habitats:

1. The first is the creation of an upland pollinator site of mostly prairie species with some shrubs. This will help to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators to the area, allowing their populations to flourish and benefit the natural ecosystem as a whole.

2. The second project aims to increase the size of a riparian buffer around Force Lake. A riparian buffer is fancy environmental-speak for a buffer zone around a lake that prevents sediments, nitrogen, phosphorous, and other pollutants from entering the stream and polluting the water. Essentially, it helps to keep the river clean and the buffer around it firm and stable. 

Planting trees in Oregon

planting trees in Oregon

The Columbia Slough Watershed Council coordinated the planting plan, and M.E.Ch.A recruited students to help with planting. 

Every tree makes a difference, and we're honored to have a played a role in this great community planting. 

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