March 16, 2020 3 min read

Keep Calm and Plant Trees: Make a Positive Impact During Coronavirus 

As the world is gripped by the Covid-19 pandemic we are witnessing an incredible process of the global community coming together to address a crisis that affects us all. Health and safety are of paramount importance, and we at One Tree Planted are in contact with our planting partners to ensure that everyone is taking the necessary precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.

But even as we are all affected from our personal lives to our professional operations, we can’t help but make the connection to the health of our planet! While the Coronavirus will eventually subside as a global threat, climate change will not.

So what can you do if you’re stuck at home but itching to do something positive for the environment?

1. Keep Calm and Plant Trees!

Reforestation is an ongoing process that takes place during planting seasons around the world, and while some operations may be briefly paused, others are continuing, and your contributions today will help plant the trees of the future.

2. Create a New Carbon Baseline

All of these reductions in travel may not be great for the airline industry, but they’re good for nature and the overall reduction of carbon emissions. Consider how this can inspire a new approach to travel in your life with reduced frequency of flying in favor of more local exploration. We have already seen an improvement in air and water quality in Italy and China as a result of Coronavirus, and with atmospheric carbon having recently exceeded a new record of 410ppm, the temporary drop will be a welcome reprieve we should aim to sustain.

3. Enjoy – and Clean Up – the Great Outdoors

One thing we already love about nature is how it’s full of trees instead of people! And while the recommendation is clear to avoid crowds, you can still go outside in most communities to enjoy the fresh air in whatever natural scenery is available nearby. And since you’ll have extra time for walking, take a tote bag with you to pick up any trash you find along the way!

4. Eat What You Bought

On average, 30% of the food we purchase is turned into waste thanks to the frequency with which we eat at restaurants. But with most of our meals now happening in our own homes with the food we stocked up on, it’s a good opportunity to get used to eating all the leftovers! Create a special section of your fridge just for leftovers, and look there first when you’re ready to eat again. Getting into the habit of shopping efficiently, eating at home more often, and actually consuming your leftovers will go a long way in reducing food waste and the methane that results from landfills.

5. Plan Your Next Sustainability Initiative

This is a great time to really take a step back and reflect on how you are uniquely able to contribute to the global mission for sustainability. Individual actions like composting or recycling are fantastic, but what if you challenge yourself to think bigger? What more can you do with the skills, connections, or resources that you have? Can you give a presentation at your school, initiate a local tree planting, or start a massive digital campaign geared toward political leaders? The sky’s the limit for what you can accomplish so start planning now.

It’s also worth noting that deforestation, pollution, and the consumption of certain wildlife species helps create the conditions in which deadly diseases spread. The more we can restore and preserve biodiversity along with common sense consumption practices, the more we can maintain the health of the environment and ourselves. So take this unique time to think, plan, and prepare for a new level of commitment to a more sustainable future!

We plant trees on 4 continents around the world. Want to choose where yours are planted?

by Diana Chaplin

Canopy Director

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