Meaghan Weeden | May 7, 2021 | 3 min read

Reforesting the globe one tree at a time!

From 60+ tree planting events to exciting new partnerships and more, Earth Month 2021 was our biggest ever. That said, it flew by and May is here with some exciting new projects to cover! From British Columbia and South Africa to Illinois and California, tune in for some fresh-from-the-field updates courtesy of our awesome forest ambassadors Kyleigh and Nicole!

So without Further Ado, Here's Our April 2021 Reforestation Update!

Want to Learn More About the Projects We Featured This Month?

In British Columbia,we're planting a whopping 1 million trees over the next 2 months to accelerate reforestation and restore forest health in a high priority OGMA (Old Growth Management Area) that burned during the 2017 Plateau wildfire. The Plateau Fire was the largest in B.C. 's recorded history (a little smaller than the state of Delaware), and without tree planting this area would take many decades to grow back to a functioning forest ecosystem. As the trees grow, they promote healthy ecological recovery, provide habitat for biodiversity, help restore hydrological function in the area, sequester carbon, and more!

In Vettabbia Park in Milan, Italy's Vaiano ValleNosedo region, we planted trees as part of an innovative regenerative urban agroforestry project. Planting these native tree species will restore soil structure and health, prepare the land for an eventual integrated agroforestry system, improve the water cycle, increase biodiversity, provide quality recreation opportunities, and more! In the long term, this project will serve as a powerful case study that will help revolutionize the way cities around the world approach agriculture. 

In Illinois,we've teamed up with Living Lands and Waters to distribute over 166,000 trees across the Midwest of the United States as part of their Million Trees program. It's all about engaging with the community and anyone can participate and receive tree saplings along with a planting and care guide. And while many trees are planted in homeowner's yards or on their farms, thousands more are also planted at special project sites. As the trees grow, they will provide food for wildlife, help reduce the impacts of climate change, increase biodiversity, reduce soil erosion and provide shade to river systems to help reduce algae blooms and eutrophication.

And finally, we had a special deep dive this month as Nicole shared her journey up the west coast of the US in celebration of Earth Month! She, along with a few other team members got her hands in the dirt, visited some of our awesome planting partners and even tried her hand at harvesting massive sugar pine cones! It's always an inspiration to meet with our partners and see our projects and their impact first hand, and this was no exception!

Thanks for tuning in to our update, we'll see you next month! Miss us already? Check out the One Tree Planted Youtube channel for more awesome videos. And don't forget, we have plenty of other awesome tree planting projects like these. Choose a reforestation project and plant a tree today!

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