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Be a Tree Planter with the New Augmented Reality Filter

by Kaylee Brzezinski April 15, 2021 2 min read

Male tree planter with orange hard hat reached into back for a tree while walking in a brown forest
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Be a Tree Planter from Home with the New Augmented Reality Filter from One Tree Planted

Ever dream of becoming a tree planter? We've got the next best thing! With our brand new augmented reality filter on Instagram you can now plant a thriving forest! Every Earth Month we try our hardest to offer tree planting events to every location around the world! But sometimes that just isn't possible. So, if we didn't make it to a city near you this year you can get the satisfaction of planting some trees without getting your hands dirty! Better yet, get instant gratification of seeing the trees grow right before your eyes!

Try the Filter

Let's turn Instagram into a forest together! Just click the link above from your mobile device to get started. Hold down the yellow sapling button to start recording your video until you're surrounded by a lush forest! Don't forget to tag @onetreeplanted because we will share some of our favorites throughout the month on the One Tree Planted Instagram account!

Not on your mobile device right now? Here's how to access the filter manually:

  1. Open the Instagram app and press the plus sign in the top right corner next to the heart.
  2. On the bottom right corner select "STORY".
  3. At the bottom, swipe left to scroll through all of the icons until you reach the end and select the magnifying glass.
  4. In the top right corner, press the magnifying glass and search for, "One Tree Planted".
  5. Select "Try it" and then hold down the yellow sapling button until the forest grows behind you.
  6. Tap the screen to tag @onetreeplanted and press "Send To" to post to your Instagram story.

We cannot wait to see what everyone looks like as a tree planter! And there are so many more ways to celebrate Earth Month! We always love the collective energy that surrounds this time of year.

With the renewing feeling of spring and the uplifted spirits the season brings, it warms our hearts to see everyone eager to make an impact. Want to help? Plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest today!

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Get news, updates, & event Info delivered right to your inbox: