Carbon Footprint Facts & Statistics Everyone Should Know

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CARBON FOOTPRINT FACTS AND STATISTICS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOWIt is time to get to the bottom of carbon footprint facts and statistics. We are often inundated with opinions and political views that skew the real facts behind our carbon footprints.

The following are some verified carbon footprint facts that can help you make an informed opinion and take advantage of opportunities to help...

The Best Carbon Footprint Documentaries You Should Watch

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Carbon Footprint Documentary SmallWhen "carbon footprint" is mentioned, the phrase can invoke a variety of responses. Ultimately it is important for people to educate themselves on what acarbon footprint means and how it could impact them or others. There are some fascinating documentaries available that look at the subject from several different angles. Beforing choosing a documentary to watch about the carbon footprint, consider these points..

Fighting to Protect the Amazon: 25 Years After its Most Famous Defender's Killing

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Renowned Brazilian environmentalist Chico Mendes poses outside the headquarters of his rubber-tappers union in 1988. Dec. 21, 2013, marks the 25th anniversary of his killing.Mr. De Oliveira, a slight, diffident and determined 24-year-old, has plotted all the damaged points in his patch of forest – a designated conservation area – and brought them to the nearest town. Here he works with a geo-processing expert, hunched over a map to match those points with satellite images that show a decline in forest cover and rough roads made by illegal loggers and those who seek to clear the forest to raise cattle and soybeans.

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