A Forest So Big It Takes Centuries to Discover it All

2 min read

Amazon Discovery Tree Biodiversity

Last week there were headlines in the news about an important discovery.  Scientists, researchers, and environmental experts came together to present their findings of approximately 12,000 tree species identified in the Amazon Rainforest.

Here's a Great Reason to Hold On Tight to Old Growth Trees

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Carbon Sequestration Old Growth Trees

While it’s understandable that there is a lot to grasp when it comes to carbon, it’s important that we begin to familiarize ourselves with the topic, and not shy away from it. 

Get the Facts on Tree Cover in Indonesia

1 min read

Indonesia Tree Cover

We are on the 4th infographic about tree cover across the globe, and I think you'll find this one very interesting.  

What Happens When Forests Set Fire?

2 min read

Forest Fire

Every time I hear news of a forest fire, my heart drops.  I immediately think about everything that can be impacted by this one event.

Don’t Let Science Scare You; It’s too Awesome to Ignore

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I’ll be the first to admit, science was not my friend in high school.  Although I enjoyed it as a kid, when I hit my teens it was a source of anxiety more than anything.

Are You Up For a Challenge?

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Million Tree Challenge

A tree has so many benefits on its own – even just one tree planted can make a big impact to the global ecosystem.  What about when we get many of them together, you know, like in a forest?

What’s the Scoop on Sustainability?

2 min read

Scoop on Sustainability

Inspired by Nature, I think it’s time we branch out our blog. Since it’s such an integral part of One Tree Planted, we’ve created a space just for sustainability.

Lessons in Nature – What We Can Learn From Trees

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Lesson in Nature Mindfulness Trees

Take a deep breath in….and now slowly exhale.  Going back to your breathing can be an excellent technique to relax and center yourself.

Are You Interested in Learning More About Sustainability?

2 min read

Are You Interested in Learning About Sustainability

As this word becomes further integrated into our daily vocabulary, it’s important to make sure that we are all on the same page.

When it Comes to Sustainability, Walking the Talk is Key

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The word sustainability is new to some, perhaps even perceived as a buzzword – a word that comes and goes from people’s vocabulary depending on what’s trending.

Measuring a Metric Ton

1 min read

Measuring a Metric Ton
Back in April, Matt wrote about reducing our
carbon footprints with tree planting. The numbers can get a little tricky when calculating our impact on the Earth, so here is a little bit of context on how to measure a metric ton.

Trees Regulate Climate | One Tree Planted

3 min read

Trees Regulate Climate

When it comes to climate change, I have taken a vow to act on climate rather than fight it.