• The Andes Mountains of South America used to have abundant forest coverage, but a growing population and increasing agricultural production have caused significant deforestation. The forests of the Andes are critical for the Indigenous populations who rely on them for food, water, and jobs. But their impact goes far beyond the communities living nearby; the Andes' watersheds drain into the Amazon basin, supplying water to innumerable communities and cities downstream. 
  • Our amazing partners are leading a Latin America-wide initiative to restore 1 million hectares of high Andean forest across 6 countries over the next 25 years. As part of the annual tree-planting festival Queuña Raymi, trees will be planted with the guidance of local leaders using ancient Incan traditions, preserving the landscape and Indigenous culture. The tree planting will help restore wetlands, safeguard existing forest, and protect critical Amazon headwaters.  
  • One Tree Planted Tree Certificate for the Andes
    A personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates on our Andes project, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.
  • Our partner has chosen trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the region. This includes various types of Polylepsis trees which are native to the Andes and have adapted to the extremely high altitude.

Forest Coverage In The Andes


Protect Biodiversity

Planting native tree species keeps the ecosystem stable and helps curtail the spread of invasive species. The Andes are home to a wealth of animals, many of them endangered or threatened, so maintaining their habitat by planting trees will help these species continue to thrive throughout the mountain range. 

IMprove Water security

Water coming from the Andes is critical for many communities and cities as they serve as the headwaters of the Amazon Basin. Tree planting in this region will protect watersheds, stabilize the soil, and ensure upstream and downstream communities have access to clean water. 

Preserve Culture

The Indigenous communities who once thrived off the resources provided by the Andes are shrinking as youth move away in search of work. Rebuilding these communities will provide younger generations with economic opportunities, allowing them to stay and practice their traditional culture and way of life.


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