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This Earth Month, we want to help our business partners make an impact in cities across the United States!

Become an Urban Legend by donating $10k to our Urban Forestry Action Fund, which is planting trees across 27 high-impact urban forestry projects in US cities.

When you become an Urban Legend with us, you will receive a suite of assets, a social shout-out, a custom video, and much more!

Make an impact with us, one urban tree at a time!

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Why Plant Urban Trees?

America's cities need trees. Trees in cities provide countless benefits for local communities — including reducing urban heat, increasing access to urban green spaces, protecting clean air & water, and more.

Unfortunately, trees are not distributed equally: communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately affected by climate change, and need urban trees now more than ever

By becoming an Urban Legend, you will be supporting the Urban Forestry Action Fund. This fund will provide for 27 planting projects across 24 American cities, supporting the health and livelihood of millions.

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Planting Projects

Project Highlights

Los Angeles Emerald Necklace

This project will plant 300 trees at 8 sites across the Emerald Necklace — including 7 Title I public schools and a publicly accessible trail — to protect public health, improve stormwater mitigation, conserve habitat for biodiversity, and more.

The Emerald Necklace is an interconnected loop of parks and greenways that connect 10 cities and nearly 500,000 residents along the Rio Hondo and San Gabriel River watershed areas of East Los Angeles County.

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Miami Earhart Park

This project will plant 476 trees throughout Amelia Earhart Park to protect an important community greenspace and reduce urban heat in an area that has experienced severe overdevelopment and tree canopy loss.

Amelia Earhart Park is an important community greenspace that offers residents, including those from neighboring low-income communities, an escape into the natural world through a variety of unique recreational activities.

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NYC Highbridge Park

By planting 450 native trees on over 3 acres and across 3 sites, this project will mark a significant milestone in the process of reviving a critical urban forest, protecting community health, improving climate change resilience, and more.

With over 8 million people relying on limited greenspaces for healthy recreational opportunities, New York City is the most populated city in the United States. Highbridge Park is located in upper Manhattan in a working-class neighborhood that is home to nearly 350,000 people.

Become a legend

Make a legendary impact on the planet!

Plant trees in urban areas that need it the most. Join our Urban Legend program today

What You Get:

Suite of assets

When you become a Urban Legend with us, you’ll receive these assets to share:

  • Social assets for storytelling
  • Email banner
  • Special badge

    Social Shoutout

  • You’ll also receive a personalized shout-out on social media from us at One Tree Planted, highlighting the impact you have made!

    Custom Video

  • One Tree Planted will send you a custom video that highlights the impact you’ve made by becoming an Urban Legend! You can share it with your audience and let them know you’ve planted trees with us!

    Logo Placement

  • You’ll also get your logo featured on the One Tree Planted website!
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