• Colorado has 24.4 million acres of forests which provide huge social, economic and ecological benefits. Forests support a sustainable wood products industry, diverse wildlife, fresh water, and ample recreation opportunities. But these precious forests face serious threats, including insect infestations, long-term drought, and forest fires. Unhealthy forests set the stage for exceptionally large, devastating wildfires that significantly increase risks of dangerous flooding, extreme erosion, degraded water quality and reduced water storage capacity.

  • Colorado’s high-country watersheds supply fresh water to 19 US states and Mexico. The same forests impacted by insects, disease and wildfire provide sustainable water supplies. Planting trees here will help to protect this critical resource, reforest areas burned by wildfires, enhance wildlife habitat, and reduce soil erosion. Our amazing reforestation partners work with land managers and private landowners to accomplish effective forestry practices and reduce the risk of severe wildfire and post-fire flooding.

  • Tree Certificate - Colorado
    A personalized tree certificate to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates on our Colorado projects, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.

  • To maximize the impact of your donation, our partner will determine the most appropriate species of tree to plant, depending on the time of year. Popular species include Pine, Aspen, and Oak.



Over the past 30 years, Colorado’s climate has become 2°F warmer, and this trend is already having impacts. The top 10 largest fires in Colorado history have all occurred since 2002. Warmer and drier conditions have contributed to the largest bark beetle outbreaks in the state’s recorded history. Spruce beetle outbreaks have affected 1.7 million acres, and nearly 3.4 million
cumulative acres have been impacted by Mountain Pine beetle.

Healthy forests are one of the best defenses against threats associated with a changing climate. Colorado's forests play a critical role in our ability to deal with climate change, because trees in healthy forests store and absorb carbon that might otherwise end up in the atmosphere. Young and vigorously growing forests absorb the most carbon dioxide, while dead or burned trees release this greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere. Planting trees helps stabilize our climate, as well as ensuring our beautiful forests can be enjoyed for generations to come!


Protect water supply

Approximately 80% of Colorado’s population relies on forested watersheds to deliver municipal water supplies. Healthy forests keep our water clean and protected from sediment and contamination.


Reduce the impact of wildfires

Help us prevent wildfires from spreading catastrophically. Young, healthy forests can help suppress future wildfires and reduce the impact of smoke on public health.  

Preserve our native trees

Iconic Colorado trees like the Ponderosa Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir and Aspen are at risk from forest degradation. Help us plant more of our much-loved Colorado trees!

Project Video: Earth Day in Colorado

We planted 7,000 trees in Fourmile Canyon, Colorado, for Earth Day 2018! This is an area that was ravaged by forest fires in 2010, and is need of long-term restoration, which this reforestation project will greatly help.

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