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JOIN DARIN OLIEN & Plant trees in youR Backyard,
your community, and across the state of California

One Tree Planted and Darin Olien are coming together to help Recover, Restore, and Reforest California.
Darin was personally affected by the 2018 wildfire season, losing his home to the Woolsey Fire. The tragedy only solidified his conviction to make a positive impact for his home state, and the planet as a whole.

Join us to support California's environmental restoration efforts by getting a tree you can plant close to home, supporting the initiative, and following the journey of this incredible collective effort. 

Now let's plant some trees!

Support California's Reforestation & Get a Tree Sapling

  • California has lost over 4 million acres of forests in 2020 alone, and we need your help to restore these beautiful landscapes. Plant a tree in your own backyard! Simply donate any amount and you'll get your own native California tree to plant close to home. Together with our friend Darin Olien we can create a healthier and more sustainable future. And if you share a photo of your newly planted tree on Instagram with #treesforcalifornia we'll plant another one for you in the great outdoors! 
  • Trees play an important role in the vitality of California communities. Your contribution will help plant trees and restore forests throughout the state. California's forests provide innumerable benefits, including clean water and air, recreation, habitat, and beautiful scenery. Healthy forests also play an important role in addressing climate change. Five years of drought and a large-scale bark beetle infestation have seriously damaged California’s forests. 2020's fire season has consumed over 4 million acres, resulting in hundreds of millions of trees that will need to be restored. Thank you for contributing to this mission!

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One Tree Planted

"California fires are happening in record numbers and increasing intensity.

I experienced this first hand with the loss of my home to them. We must act with better initiatives of building and restorative land projects.

Together, we can make massive positive changes."


California’s forests need active management in order to improve their health, reduce the risk of major wildfires and pest infestations, and protect this beautiful natural playground for future generations. Stay connected with One Tree Planted on our reforestation journey as we work with our amazing reforestation partners and project sponsors!


We are thrilled to introduce the trailer to our new six part series, The State of California. This series takes a deep dive into the stories of people who are ensuring that the forests of California stay intact. Every episode has a different perspective from policymakers to academics, to the tree planters and firefighters. These are the people who are on the frontlines of the collective effort to restore California’s landscape and instill hope for future generations.