Gift Trees For Treecember

One Dollar. One Tree.


This giving season, there's no better gift than the one that gives back to our planet. Gift trees this Treecember to benefit local communities, combat climate change, and create a better future for all. Learn more

By gifting a tree, you will help to:

  • Provide jobs to reduce poverty in local communities
  • Improve climate change resilience & mitigation
  • Restore forest cover to improve food security

This Treecember, we are giving back by planting trees in communities that need it the most. By partnering with on-the-ground organizations and nurseries, we can celebrate the giving season and support marginalized communities. All by planting trees.

With sustainable agroforestry playing an important role, these projects will change lives. Trees produce nutritious food and income for people in need. They also help restore degraded land so that farmers can gradually increase their crop yields, reduce damaging erosion and landslides, and help the soil retain more water so that crops can grow and thrive.

Tree Species

To maximize the impact of your donation, our partners will plant native species to ensure a lasting impact across projects. Species vary based on each project location, but some species may include native coniferous trees like spruce and pine in North America, mangroves in Asia, woodland species like silver birch and black willow in Europe, drooping she-oak and apple box in the Pacific, Polylepis trees in Latin America, coffee and agroforestry species in Africa, and much more!

What You Get

A personalized tree certificate (see gallery) to say thanks for your donation. We'll also send you reports on our community projects, so you can track the impact your trees are having on the community and environment.

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Andes tree planters
Benefiting Community Benefiting Community

Planting Trees In Communities

This holiday season, as we cherish time with loved ones, let's embrace the spirit of giving. Donate to gift trees this Treecember, supporting communities in need. These trees provide sustenance, income, and hope, while also restoring vital ecosystems. Celebrate the season with the gift of trees and make a lasting impact. Happy Treecember!

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Digging Into Our Projects Digging Into Our Projects

Digging Into Our Projects

When it comes to providing a lifetime of benefits, trees are the gift that keep on giving. Every year, your loved one can look back and smile as they think about how their tree is growing and helping wildlife, ecosystems, local communities, and the climate. Check out some of the amazing projects that will benefit from these gifted trees!

England 2023

Community Forest Restoration

This project plants trees in community forests across England, focusing on bringing people and trees together to foster healthy and resilient community spaces. Most of England’s Community Forests are located in large cities and towns. These forests are home to many important species and enrich the lives of local communities.

With the climate crisis growing in intensity, these community forests are the local towns’ and cities' best defense against many climate change impacts. By planting trees in these forests and helping to preserve and restore England’s countryside, this project is working to bring woodlands back to life for both people and wildlife.

Small waterfall in England
Group of tree planters in Thailand

Thailand 2023

Hilltribes Forestry & Agroforestry

In a remote region near the border of Myanmar, live a group of marginalized ethnic minorities. Commonly referred to as the hilltribes, many are refugees of civil strife in Myanmar and have been in Thailand for generations — but often aren’t recognized as citizens.

With the help of our amazing on the ground partner, the hilltribes began using reforestation as a means to restore degraded watersheds, earn income, and secure recognition from the Thai government. These resilient people are continuing to plant trees to grow change. By restoring watersheds, our project helps to preserve the environment, improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, and promote human rights.

Dominican Republic 2023

Restoring Watersheds

This project is working to revitalize deforested land in the Dominican Republic by catalyzing local communities to plant and care for trees. As part of our partner’s holistic approach, partnering farmers are nearly twice as likely to plant native species, have higher crop yields than nonparticipants, and decreased levels of poverty.

Reforesting and regenerating this watershed is of utmost importance for both the Dominican Republic and for Haiti as millions of people rely on water from this source. As sustainable agroecology techniques and tree planting are implemented, soil and water tables stabilize, reducing flooding and improving land downstream.

Woman holding trees in Dominican Republic
Man carrying tree saplings on his head in Uganda

Uganda 2023

Albertine Rift

With our partner, the Jane Goodall Institute, this project has helped plant 755,000 trees across the Budongo-Bugoma Corridor in the Albertine Rift region of Western Uganda. The trees planted in this project will help enhance biodiversity in a critical area by providing habitat for chimpanzees while also regulating climate conditions.

Along with the Jane Goodall Institute, One Tree Planted seeks to preserve these critical species by planting trees in the Budongo-Bugoma Corridor. With a population of over 1,000 chimpanzees between these two forests, trees are a vital necessity to restoring the lands and providing habitat for the chimpanzees.

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Why Gift Trees? Why Gift Trees?

Why Gift Trees?

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