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5 Sustainable Living Tips That Are Actually Affordable

Meaghan Weeden | January 12, 2020 | 3 min read

Sustainable Living Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

We all want to do what we can for the planet, but with the surge in "sustainable" luxury items + “green” influencers, you may be wondering: is sustainable living possible on a budget? Rest assured: despite what Instagram may lead you to believe, living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive to help the environment.

At its heart, sustainable living means being conscious of your consumption + habits, and then being flexible enough to change them if needed. No fancy gadgets, restrictive diets, or major sacrifices required! In fact, every tip we’ve included on this list can be done today, without spending a dime.

Here’s 5 Simple Ways to Help the Environment at Home:

turning lights off

1. Listen to Your Inner Dad Voice

You know, the one that says to turn off the lights when you leave a room, unplug electronics when you’re done with them (power strips make this a cinch), keep the thermostat at 68°F or lower, and stop spending so dang long in the shower…you get the drill. You may roll your eyes at this, but your dad was way ahead of the sustainability curve. 

dirty laundry hamper

2. Do Less Laundry

We’re not trying to air out anyone’s dirty laundry here, but most of us wash our clothes way too often. This shortens the life of many fabrics, wastes energy + water, and is often totally unnecessary. So wash only what needs washing and skip garments that aren’t really dirty, like that sweater you wore for 3 hours while binging on Netflix. 

online shopping

3. Clear Out Your Closet

With the proliferation of thrifting sites + apps like PoshMark, thredUP, and the RealReal, offloading those pants that you can’t quite squeeze into anymore has never been easier. You’ll be contributing to the circular economy, giving your neglected clothing a chance at a better life, clearing space in your closet, and making some money while you're at it!

terrarium jar


Get thyself to Pinterest and type in “upcycling ideas” — before long, you’ll be looking all around your house for things you can repurpose. Turn old t-shirts into reusable shopping bags, transform those dusty crib slats into wall organizers, make tiny terrariums from glass jars, and even turn an old pair of shoes into a flowerpot. The possibilities are endless! 

hemming jeans

5. Trade Skills with Friends

Maybe you can hem a pair of pants, make awesome organic soap, or edit an important document…but changing an air filter is beyond you. Work out a skill trade with your friends + family, and get the barter started! You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by the things you can avoid replacing or save money on, and perhaps pick up a new skill along the way.

We hope these simple tips have you feeling inspired to green up your lifestyle. Just want to plant a tree? Choose where yours are planted today! 

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