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15 Coolest Tree Houses Around the World

by Meaghan Weeden â—Ź February 22, 2022 â—Ź 5 min read

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15 Cool Tree Houses From Around the World

For those who grew up with a treehouse in their backyard, memories are conjured of summertime, a private getaway, and the boundless imaginings of the childhood mind. But treehouses aren't just for kids! Architects and artists around the world are constantly exploring the possibilities of creative forest dwellings, and the results are mind-boggling.

From the world’s largest ever treehouse in Tennessee to the instagram-famous Nusa Penida treehouse in Indonesia, these 15 amazing treehouses will take us around the world, one spectacular view at a time!

Here Are Some Amazing Tree Houses

1. Rumah Pohon Treehouse

The Instagram-famous Rumah Pohon Treehouse is located on Indonesia's Nusa Penida Island. And despite very basic amenities, it's one of the most sought-after accommodations in the area. Why? Near two beaches and perched high on a cliff called that's aptly called the Thousand Islands Viewpoint, visitors are treated to spectacular views of the coastline in either direction — as well as the nearby islands of Batupadasan and Batuabah.

2. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

One of the most unique treehouses you’ll ever see, the Yellow Treehouse, located North of Auckland, New Zealand, is actually a fully functional restaurant. It's design is inspired by natural forms like chrysalides, onions and seashells. Because of this, it blends nicely within the surrounding forest, including the redwood tree that it’s built around. New Zealand has a lot of amazing tree houses, but this one is definitely at the top of the list!

3. The Snake Lodge

French treehouse builders La Cabane are world-famous for their creative designs — and this impressive cabin is no exception. Featuring a 12-meter long winding spiral staircase that's constructed almost entirely from red cedar, this spectacular treehouse is privately owned, so you'll have to admire it from afar. Aptly named The Snake House, tree limbs weave through the porch, where the owner likes to sit and sketch the surrounding landscape. That sounds pretty heavenly to us!

4. Free Spirit Spheres

For all the free spirits out there, you can’t go wrong with staying in a whimsical sphere suspended from the treetops of British Columbia (pictured: Melody Night). Each sphere hangs from large conifers native to the area and offers a resort package intended to provide both luxury and oneness with nature. Operating since 2006, Free Spirit Spheres provides a treehouse getaway like nowhere else!

5. Sanctuary Treehouse

Located in artsy and eclectic Asheville, North Carolina, the Sanctuary Treehouse serves up all the fairy tale vibes you could ask for. Perched amidst towering white oaks, visitors especially love sitting in one of the rocking chairs on the porch and watching the sun set over a distant mountain range — or stargazing from the comfort of bed!

6. Pinecone Treehouse

We’re jealous of anyone who’s seen this treehouse in person because it's an incredible architectural achievement. From O2 treehouses (who will surely show up again on this list), the Pinecone treehouse was commissioned as part of an advertising campaign. Weighing close to 5 1/2 tons, this geodesic pinecone is suspended 30 feet off the ground by five redwood trees, just an hour outside San Francisco.

7. Pleasant Bay Lookout

Most of us are torn between a love for the mountain forests and the ocean deep, but this treehouse allows you to experience both at once. Nestled in a forest overlooking the Salish Sea. the Pleasant Bay Lookout offers up simple (121 square feet) accommodations and stunning ocean views. Visitors can stand on the deck and take in the sounds of the sea while being surrounded by a forest that rings with birdsong. Raccoons, owls and deer wander through the area regularly, and Chuckanut Mountain trails and beaches are nearby. All adding up to what sounds like the perfect retreat from modern life!

8. World’s Largest Treehouse: The Minister’s Tree House

The story of the world’s largest treehouse comes to us from Crossville, Tennessee. Landscaper Horace Burgess purchased a piece of land in the early 1990’s and, believing that God wanted him to build a treehouse (and never stop building), he created what can only be described as a tree mansion. After 11 years of work, it spanned 7 different trees, soared over 100 feet tall, and covered around 10,000 square feet. Unfortunately, all of that hard work was lost in mere minutes to a devastating 2019 fire, but its record size and grandeur live on.

9. La Casa del Arbol

Built on the edge of a mountain near the Tungurahua Volcano, La Casa del Arbol's Swing at The End of The World is one of the coolest places to visit in Baños, Ecuador. The volcano has been active since 1999 — and hiking near it has been prohibited ever since, so this is about as close as you can get. And while La Casa is not a cabin where you can book an overnight stay, thrill seekers from all over the world are drawn here to swing out over the edge of the mountain. Originally, the "big swing" was attached directly to the tree, but due to safety concerns, it's now suspended from a solid steel structure. Not feeling up to swinging off the edge of the world? There are plenty of other ways to enjoy this unique area.

10.BabĂŤ Lom- Lelekovice Treehouse

Built by TreeHouse CR, the first treehouse Construction company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Babi Lom Treehouse is suspended 7 meters above the forest floor. It comfortably accommodates 3 people and boasts several interesting design elements throughout, including a spiral staircase, woodland scenes spanning the windows, stonework, portholes and more!

11. Meadow View Treehouse

Built for a private landowner by design firm Blue Forest, the Meadow View Treehouse offers an indoor living space perfumed with rustic woody scents, and an open deck that's great for stargazing. It was constructed using sustainable, long-lasting wood, a copper turret and a charming, traditional thatched roof. Sounds like a sweet respite from the outer world!

12. A Tree House With a Donkey

Pardon our french, but this treehouse c’est magnifique. Between the huge pine tree, the resplendent views and the quaint cabin, A Treehouse With a Donkey easily makes our list. The impressive and seemingly endless spiral staircase is what caught our eye, but it’s the donkey standing en garde that really makes this one of our favorite treehouse homes!

13. Rustic Alaskan Domestead

The Rustic Alaskan Domestead, built by Pacific Domes, is an off-grid geodesic dome. Visitors can find peace nestled in the woods at the top of Camelot-by-the-Sea, a quick drive from Seward, Alaska. Surrounded by wild berries, old growth forest and mountains, it's powered by solar panels to make a truly off-grid and off the beaten path experience!

14. The Glazed Perch

What a cute name for a happy little treehouse. It may not be the largest entry on the list, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with charm to spare. Constructed by O2 treehouses, The Glazed Perch sits between two towering Redwoods and provides the perfect vantage point to enjoy miles of forest views. Shingled with over 500 dinner plates, we couldn’t imagine a better place to head to if you've got a case of the city blues!

15. House Paarman

This luxury treehouse, located in the woods of Cape Town, South Africa rounds out our list in style. While it blends in with its surroundings, it’s hardly rustic and offers many amenities typically reserved for 5-star hotels. With reflection pools, an open-air design, and furnishings straight out of a James Bond film, this house takes treehouse living to a whole new level!

And that's a wrap on our list of the coolest treehouses in the world! In a time when we're constantly connected through our phones and computers, there’s something to be said for spending the night surrounded by trees and nature, with monkeys and birds as your closest neighbors. If you do visit one of these amazing treehouses, consider unplugging so that you can enjoy everything nature has to offer — after all, the calls of the forest supply all the background noise you could ask for!

Finally, these treehouses wouldn’t be possible without the amazing trees they’re built around. Want to help ensure that there will be plenty of amazing treehouses to visit in the future? Plant a tree today!

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