April 17, 2016 1 min read

You don't have to learn any complicated mathematical formulas or use a carbon footprint calculator to determine your carbon footprint. 

Here are some stats:

  1. The average North American's impact is 20 metric tons of carbon per year. 

  2. Your carbon footprint comes from 4 main components which are housing, transportation, food, and your consumption of products & services.

  3. Your floor, no matter how much you try and reduce your impact, is 8.5 metric tons. The average is 20 tons, and if you're a jet setter, corporate executive, family of 8 you can reach 30 metric tons.

  4. Lets take the average, then, of 20 tons. 1 tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon per year.  (No clue how many pounds are in 1 ton? 2204 pounds are in 1 ton.)

  5. If you divide 2204 by 48, you get 45.91666667. Round it up and you've got 46 trees absorbing 1 ton of carbon dioxide each year. 46 trees x 20 tons = 920 trees needed to absorb the average North American's carbon footprint in a year. 
  6. That's a lot of trees!

 1 ton = 46 trees

Want to reduce your impact? 

 choose a region and plant some trees today.