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7 Ways to Protect Biodiversity

by Ariel Canie July 12, 2022 3 min read

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How to Protect Biodiversity

You may have heard us speak on the importance of conserving biodiversity in the natural world, and perhaps you asked yourself, “what exactly is biodiversity, anyways?”. Biodiversity or biological diversity is a term that's used to describe the variation of life at the genetic, species, and ecosystem levels. The intercon0'nectedness of ecosystems and their living organisms means that millions of species of plants, animals, and fungi all depend on each other for survival. The more biodiversity there is, the more resilient the environment is. When ecosystems are out of balance, disasters can follow for life on Earth. 

If you guessed that humans are behind most of the planet's biodiversity loss, you are correct! Top threats to biodiversity include natural habitat destruction, land and water use change (from deforestation and other activities), species overexploitation, climate change, pollution and the spread of invasive species. Biodiversity loss can affect humans by causing a decline in natural resources, economic and food insecurity, and the spread of invasive species and diseases. 

Want to do your part to protect biodiversity but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a quick list of simple things that you can do this week to protect biodiversity. 

Here Are 7 Ways You Can Protect Biodiversity

Monday: Plant a Tree

Whether you’re planting a tree at a community event or donating towards our biodiversity projects, planting a tree helps clean the air and water, improves soil stability, protects endangered species, and restores holistic ecosystems with unique flora and fauna.

Tuesday: Shop Sustainably

You can shopping sustainably by choosing with sustainable brands. Pro tip: Googling sustainable products in your area before you leave can help you recognize eco-friendly brands.

Another easy way is to always bring a reusable bag with you when you shop and avoid plastic bags whenever possible.

Wednesday: Eat (or Drink) More Plants

Believe it or not, clearing forests for livestock is one of the main causes of global deforestation, which in turn causes biodiversity loss. Swapping out your whole milk for oat milk or opting for a veggie burger at dinner time is a simple way to help protect biodiversity. 

Thursday: Stop The Spread of Invasive Species

Do your part to protect the environment by reporting sightings of invasive species to the appropriate database and always opt to plant native species in your garden or yard.

Another great way to help is to volunteer and help with the removal of invasive plants in your community.

Friday: Reduce Overall Pollution

Pollution seeps into the air, water and soil and releases toxins into the natural environment, posing a risk to the health of living organisms that depend on that environment to survive. Help decrease pollution by participating in beach or community clean-ups. This is also a good tine to rethink your consumption habits and finding ways to reduce your waste.

Saturday: Advocate for Green Alternatives

Advocating for green alternatives can be as simple as emailing your favorite brand and asking about their sustainable initiatives. When enough people voice their concerns, brands will shift to greener alternatives to keep customers happy. And if you are a brand that's looking to green up their business, check out our sustainability for businesses program!

Sunday: Research Local Biodiversity

Understanding how humans interact with local biodiversity is an important step to take in order to protect it. Do your research on the biodiversity in your area and the ways that you can help maintain it. Sometimes it’s as simple as requesting animal crossing signs for local wildlife or planting bee-friendly flowers in your garden! 

1 week to help biodiversity

So there you have it. We hope we've inspired you to take one action for biodiversity every day this week. Ready to get started? Plant a tree for biodiversity today!

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