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    Plant Trees

    TikTokers Plant 10,000 Trees by Showing Off Their Favorite #EcoHacks

    by Kaylee Brzezinski August 09, 2021 2 min read

    Man holds phone selfie style in front of a nature scene
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    TikTokers Plant 10,000 Trees by Sharing Their Best Eco Hacks

    There is something for everyone on TikTok, even you nature-loving tree huggers! During Earth Month, we teamed up with TikTok to challenge all of you to share your best eco-friendly hacks for sustainable living. We promised to plant a tree for every video posted that used #EcoHacks. Well the results were INCREDIBLE and we are thrilled to announce that we will be planting 10,000 trees on behalf of this amazing TikTok community! 

    Here's All Hackin' the Details!

    The aim of the campaign was quite simple. Show us your #EcoHacks and we will plant a tree! Whether you are a beginner at sustainability with your reusable straw or you've mastered the art of composting, we wanted to see it! TikTokers found creative ways to show off their hacks. Some gave us tutorials on their favorite zero-waste tricks and others showed off their up-cycling skills. And while most TikTok challenges are super fun, we want to kick things up a notch so...

    We Made an Original Song!

    Thanks to our awesome tree-loving community we were able to collaborate with a top-notch music producer to take this #EcoHacks vision to the next level! The song elevated these eco hacks with this amazing earth rap about all the benefits to a green way of living! For those music driven TikTokers, this song  was a perfect place to start to find a way to support the planet. 

    hands on phone using tiktok

    What Impact Will These Trees Have?

    Glad you asked! The trees from this campaign will be allocated to our amazing reforestation project in Chippewa National Park in Minnesota! Chippewa National Forest spans more than 600,000 acres, home to some of the state's last old-growth forests. Notably, the Chippewa National Forest has one of the highest densities of bald eagle nesting sites in the country, with more than 150 pairs nesting in the forest annually. In addition to preserving wildlife habitat, this project will also focus on restoration from wind damage, tree diseases, and insect damage that have left the forest vulnerable. Reforestation can keep the Chippewa National Forest healthy for generations to come, and preserve the culture of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwa, who have a deep connection with the forest.

    Need a Laugh? 

    Check out how Captain Planet uses his #EcoHacks to save the world!

    captain planet next to tree

    Thanks so everyone who got those ring lights out and showed us your best eco-friendly ways to help us make positive impact by planting trees for Earth Month! By spreading awareness on how to live more sustainably, we make it possible for others to start their journey. And if you're looking for some sweet tips, check out #EcoHacks on TikTok. Even we learned some new ways to improve our green game. Want to do something good for the planet now? Plant a tree!

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