Meet the Team

Matt Hill - One Tree Planted

Matt Hill

Chief Environmental Evangelist

Matt created One Tree Planted in 2014 with a mission to make it simple for people to give back to the environment. As a father and nature-lover, Matt wants to make sure future generations can enjoy the great outdoors.

Diana Chaplin - One Tree Planted

Diana Chaplin

Canopy Director

Diana manages our communications, marketing, and reforestation storytelling. She ensures our message is down to earth, and coordinates creative campaigns through partnerships, social media initiatives, and digital content.

Bill Toomey - One Tree Planted

Bill Toomey

Chief Tree Officer

Bill has worked for over 30 years for non-profit conservation organizations including The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public land, and local and regional organizations. He brings his experience in urban forestry and large-scale forest restoration to help support the team and increase the pace and scale of One Tree Planted's work.

Christina Kozsukan - One Tree Planted

Christina Kozsukan

Ecosystem Manager

Christina is the friendly face that makes sure all of our day-to-day operations run smoothly. She's been passionate about the environment since a young age, and is happy to be doing her part by planting trees!

Cloe Rainville - One Tree Planted

Cloé Rainville

Biome Manager

Cloe helps manage the day to day operations that keep this organization running smoothly. With a background in bioresource engineering, she is right at home in this eco-friendly community centered on bettering our planet.

Kevin Hill - One Tree Planted

Kevin Hill

Chief Technical Advisor

Kevin has worked for over 35 years in various capacities at the United Nations, including Senior Advisor of Forest Finance at the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat and Chief Technical Advisor with the United Nations Development Programme.

Alaine Ball - One Tree Planted

Alaine Ball

Forest Guru

Alaine coordinates South American projects and delivers our science-based messaging. With a Master of Forestry from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, she's most at home in dense green forest, and feels privileged to contribute to reforestation efforts.

Ross Bernet - One Tree Planted

Ross Bernet

Forest Guru

Ross provides technical support and science-based evaluations for our reforestation projects. He planted his first trees while managing an agroforestry NGO in Haiti prior to getting his Masters Degree at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. As a GIS WIZ, he loves how technology and maps can connect people with nature.

Stephanie Rochemont - One Tree Planted

Stephanie Rochemont

Senior Forest Manager

Stephanie oversees our global reforestation efforts and also manages tree planting programs within the USA. Having a background in Environmental Science and Community Outreach, she values the importance of our connection to nature.

Beth Dagleish - One Tree Planted

Beth Dalgleish

Ecosystem Director (Australia & Asia)

Beth is our resident Aussie, who looks after our tree projects and partnerships in Australia and Asia. After 2 years with the team in North America, she's now back home among the gum trees in Sydney. In a region that's on the front lines of climate change, Beth is excited to be making a positive impact.

Gabriela Gard - One Tree Planted

Gabriela Gard

Forest Manager

A our resident Spanish speaker, Gabriela manages our Latin American and Caribbean reforestation efforts. She strongly believes in the importance of working together with local communities in order to make this world a greener place!

Taviana MacLeod - One Tree Planted

Taviana Macleod

Forest Manager

Taviana is responsible for managing our tree planting projects in Canada and the United States. Having spent many Canadian summers in the bush as an experienced tree planter to working on smallholder farms, she is a huge advocate of getting more trees in the ground!

Peace Grace Muhizi - One Tree Planted

Peace Grace Muhizi

Forest Manager

Peace Grace manages our tree planting projects in Africa. She is passionate about economic development and believes that agroforestry plays a vital role in providing developing communities with resources to grow. She advocates for the preservation of Africa’s green spaces and loves exploring its beautiful nature.

Kyleigh Hughes -  One Tree Planted

Kyleigh Hughes

Forest Manager

Kyleigh manages and oversees our treeplanting projects throughout the West Coast of the United States. With a background in environmental science & policy, she is passionate about climate action and environmental justice for the planet!

Malcolm Porteus González - One Tree Planted

Malcolm Porteus González

Agroforestry Guru & Drone Mapper

Malcolm is our resident Spanish speaker of multiple nationalities. Born in the Philippines with nationalities from Costa Rica and the USA, he manages our reforestation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Malcolm is an Agricultural Engineer based in Costa Rica and has a wide range of experience with tropical agroforestry systems and drone mapping. Malcolm is part of our monitoring team and is helping to combine technology with reforestation.

Karl McGrory - One Tree Planted

Karl McGrory

Forest Manager

Karl looks after our tree planting projects in Europe, he has led business development and strategic projects in sustainability and conservation organisations in the UK and EU over the last 20 years. Karl strongly believe's trees should be placed at the centre of a circular, truly sustainable economy and enjoys nothing more than swinging from a hammock between two fruit trees with his children watching the bees buzz by.

Jodie Couture - One Tree Planted

Jodie Couture

Community Forest Manager

Jodie is our Community Forest Manager! She helps get trees in the ground by coordinating events and working on our projects. She’s passionate about the outdoors and is excited to be doing her part to help the earth heal!

Caitlin Dixon - One Tree Planted

Caitlin Dixon

Urban Planting Planner

Caitlin coordinates tree planting and restoration events, and supports community initiatives for Earth Month and Plant a Tree Day. With a background in urban geography and regeneration, she is thrilled to help others make a positive impact in their local communities and natural environments.

Chloe Ketterling - One Tree Planted

Chloe Ketterling

Environment Assistant

Chloe is our go-to office assistant, keeping everything flowing and on track. She enjoys spending her free time outside, particularly near water and trees and is happy to be able to make a positive environmental impact!

Louis Lagoutte - One Tree Planted

Louis Lagoutte

Branch Manager

Louis looks after our amazing business partners who help us to plant trees all over the world. He’s passionate about rewilding and sees tree planting as the solution to many of humanity's problems.

Caitlin Griffin - One Tree Planted

Caitlin Griffin

Branch Manager

Caitlin is our eco-friendly, people person working with our amazing business partners. An environmentalist to her core, she loves connecting with like-minded businesses and individuals who are looking to help the planet through reforestation efforts.

Dave McGinnis -  One Tree Planted

Dave McGinnis

Sports Sustainability Director

After nearly 15 years as a member of the Montreal Canadiens' (NHL) marketing department, Dave manages One Tree Planted's sports industry partnerships. As a hobby woodworker, he loves trees and feels fortunate to be able to positively impact the environment by helping put trees in the ground.

Jill Higgins - One Tree Planted

Jill Higgins

The Mighty Oak

Jill keeps the ball rolling in the office and makes sure the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. An organizational guru, she keeps Matt functioning seamlessly and manages the rest of us to ensure all of our needs are met. Despite knowing that chaos is natural and order is imposed, Jill still loves nature.

Nic Elston - One Tree Planted

Nic Elston


In 2014, back in South Africa, Nic decided to pause his well established career in accounting to travel. He approached his travels the same way he sees numbers, seeing what lies behind the surface. With One tree Planted, Nic found his place back in an office which matches his beliefs and experiences. Devoted to keeping the team financially informed, Nic is thrilled to make a positive impact on the environment by simply doing what he knows best.

Lesley Whyte - One Tree Planted

Lesley Whyte

Green Machine

As our grant writer, Lesley is eager to get more trees in the ground but knows that money doesn't grow on trees. As a mother, Lesley loves to enjoy nature with her two sons and wants to give back to the environment, particularly in places that need it most.

Alexander Marcoulides - One Tree Planted

Alexander Marcoulides

The Connector

Alex believes that we can scientifically thrive with nature by joining forces with bold mission driven folks to reforest where needed most. Growing up catching frogs and snakes in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey Alex is driven to connect us to the right partners and donors to make this decade what it must be: regenerative.

Rachel Bouck - One Tree Planted

Rachel Bouck

Forest Seeker

Rachel is our reforestation storyteller, helping donors and foundations make a positive impact in their communities and natural environments. With a background in Geography & Environmental Science, she is a huge advocate for conservation and climate action, and believes the first step in restoring the planet is creating mission-driven communities and partnerships!

Cassandra Vitiello - One Tree Planted

Cassandra Vitiello

Greenhouse Manager

Cassandra is our customer service manager. Have any questions about your donation, business partnership, or fundraiser? Give us a call and Cassandra will be ready to help with all your tree-related needs!

Michele Senthivel - One Tree Planted

Michelle Senthivel

Seedling Support

As an International Development student at the University of Ottawa, Michelle is our customer support and is always eager to give a helping hand. She loves getting outside every chance she gets. She could be found hiking various mountains in the Quebec region.

Caitlin Lavery - One Tree Planted

Caitlin Lavery

Seedling Support

Caitlin grew up in the Australian bushland and is a gumnut kid at heart. She's always glad to hear from new people wanting to get involved and will be happy to help answer any of your questions.

Angèle Dostie - One Tree Planted

Angèle Dostie

Seedling Support

Angèle is our customer service rep who is here to help you in any way she can. She’s passionate about spending as much time as possible outdoors, and joined One Tree Planted to help make sure everyone has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Feel free to contact her with any concern you have. A conversation with her always ends with a smile.

Ed Akselrud - One Tree Planted

Ed Akselrud

Video Editor

Ed spends his time crafting videos for our social media channels and looking for stories to tell in the environmental space. He wants to combine his passion for video editing and climate action to help shape the conversation about our future.

Sofia Coelho - One Tree Planted

Sofia Coelho

Tree Analytics

Sofia helps to manage our analytics, SEO and PPC. She enjoys investigating the story behind the numbers and finding ways to optimize our website, to ensure our mission of global reforestation is spread far and wide across the web.

Nicole Guindon - One Tree Planted

Nicole Guindon

Marketing Sprout

As a marketing student at JMSB, Nicole is working to help turn One Tree Planted's marketing visions into a reality. Nicole is responsible for the website design and building out new pages. She greatly enjoys spending her free time adventuring outdoors!

Antz Valentini - One Tree Planted

Antz Valentini


With a background in graphic design and web development, Antz works on our website’s appearance and functionality. He is passionate about sustainability, raising awareness about animal cruelty, and spreading One Tree Planted’s message via the World Wide Web. Antz enjoys ending his days by watering some of his plants.

Liam Brown - One Tree Planted

Liam Brown

Tree-Mail Marketing

Liam works in the back end of the One Tree Planted team helping find and follow up with potential tree planting supporters. With new projects every week, Liam loves the hustle and bustle it takes to get more trees in the ground.

Lauren Dalmatoff - One Tree Planted

Lauren Dalmatoff

T.R.E.E.S. Coordinator

After graduating in environmental studies and education at the University of California Santa Barbara, Lauren is our coordinator and curator for our environmental school curriculum. Lauren wants to encourage the next generation to take better care of the environment!

Kat Johnson - One Tree Planted

Kat Johnson

Maple Marketer

Kat helps manage all things digital marketing and PPC ads to share One Tree Planted's projects near and far, and is privileged to be able to connect her marketing background to reforestation. Kat loves learning more about nature every time she goes outside.

Kaylee Brzezinski - One Tree Planted

Kaylee Brzezinski

Sustainability Maven

Kaylee is our Social Media Manager who loves having the unique experience of filling your social feeds with positive nature content! She also assists with all things marketing and communications. Got something cool to share? Use #OneTreePlanted and she just might feature it!

Meaghan Weeden - One Tree Planted

Meaghan Weeden

Forest Whisperer

Meaghan provides behind-the-scenes marketing support, designs our ads, and writes fun, educational content. With a background in environmental conservation, she’s passionate about getting trees in the ground!