Behind the scenes at tree planting HQ!

Matt Hill

Chief Environmental Evangelist

Matt created One Tree Planted in 2014 with a mission to make it simple for people to give back to the environment. As a father and nature-lover, Matt wants to make sure future generations can enjoy the great outdoors.

Diana Chaplin

Canopy Director

Diana is our storyteller and media wizard. She manages our communications and marketing, makes sure our message is down to earth, and connects with new nature-loving friends daily on social media.

Christina Kozsukan

Christina Kozsukan

Ecosystem Manager

Christina is the friendly face that makes sure all of our day-to-day operations run smoothly. She's been passionate about the environment since a young age, and is happy to be doing her part by planting trees!

Gabriela Gard

Stephanie Rochemont

Community & Forest Success Manager

 Stephanie manages our reforestation projects across North America and also sets up tree planting events. Having a background in environmental science, she knows the importance of human connection to nature.

Gabriela Gard

Gabriela Gard

Global Forest Success Manager

Gabriela is our project manager focusing on our international reforestation efforts. She is a strong believer that small actions add up and that every new tree counts!

Joe Coppolino

Joseph Coppolino


Joe is our editorial manager. He reports on projects, looks after the website, is our in-house designer, and brings you reforestation news. As a runner and cyclist, he likes his air fresh and GHG free!

Louis Lagoutte

Louis Lagoutte

Branch Manager

Louis looks after our amazing business partners who help us to plant trees all over the world. He’s passionate about rewilding and sees tree planting as the solution to many of humanity's problems. 

Ben Hemmings

Ben Hemmings

Visual Storyteller

Ben is our visual storyteller and he's fueled by the great outdoors. You'll usually find him capturing photos and videos at one of our many projects and events, or in the office, editing videos about the environment.


Alexander Marcoulides


Alex grew up catching frogs in the Ramapo Mountains giving him an innate fascination for the wilderness. Alex interviews environmental impact leaders in a fresh and engaging format - where Crocodile Dundee meets Bear Grylls - about how we can thrive with nature.

Cassandra Vitiello

Cassandra Vitiello

Seedling Support

Cassandra is our customer service guru. Have any questions about your donation, business partnership, or fundraiser? Give us a call and Cassandra will be ready to help with all your tree-related needs!

Sofia Coelho

Sofia Coelho

Tree Analytics

Sofia is our master of analytics! She finds the story behind the numbers to make sure our mission of global reforestation is spread far and wide. She loves spending time surrounded by forests and trees!

Taviana MacLeod

Taviana Macleod

Seedling Support

An experienced tree planter and social butterfly, Taviana is here to talk to people about trees (and to trees about people). Active on all customer service platforms to answer any of your reforestation related inquiries!

Nicole Guidon

Nicole Guindon

Marketing Sprout

As a marketing student at JMSB, Nicole is working to help  turn One Tree Planted's marketing visions into a reality. She is always tackling new projects with the end goal of planting more trees all over the world!

kaylee Brzezinski

Kaylee Brzezinski

Nature Enthusiast

Kaylee assists with all things marketing and communications. She shares positive news about the environment, researches fun forest facts, and connects with other nature enthusiasts on social media.

Liam Brown

Liam Brown

Roots Researcher

Liam works in the back end of the One Tree Planted team helping find and follow up with potential tree planting supporters. With new projects every week, Liam loves the hustle and bustle it takes to get more trees in the ground. 

Lauren Dalmatoff

Lauren Dalmatoff

T.R.E.E.S.  Coordinator

While majoring in environmental studies and education at the University of California Santa Barbara, Lauren is working to create a fun environmental school curriculum. Lauren wants to encourage the next generation to  take better care of the environment!