• The impacts of Asia's deforestation crisis reach far and beyond just those that live in its forests. With a whopping 85% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions being directly caused by forest destruction and degradation, Indonesia has become the third largest emitter of those same gases behind China and the US. As a result, the country’s poorest suffer from some of the worst health standards in the world.

    Each tree planted in Indonesia is vital for the local population. Those trees are more necessary than ever to absorb the carbon that its palm oil and pulp industries are pumping out. Furthermore, those trees create homes for the plethora of animals that exist in its rainforests, which have recently been named the third most biologically diverse biomes in the world. However, the clock is ticking as Indonesia’s largest rainforest, the Sumatran rainforest, has been given 20 years left to survive by leading scientists. Donate to Indonesia to help reverse its disastrous situation!

  • Indonesia’s deforestation has lacked significant western press for years. Like so many other cases, trees help to bolster Indonesia’s economic prospects, living conditions for indigenous communities, and environmental standards. However, planting in Indonesia has an extra impact – raising awareness for an increasingly harmful palm oil industry. A large portion of Indonesia’s deforestation comes from the palm oil industry, and that same industry has led to the disenfranchisement of thousands of the country’s poorest citizens. By planting in Indonesia, we help western powers recognize how much we should care about this crisis. 

  • Our Partner has done amazing work in Asia over the past decade. With over 30,000 trees planted and hundreds of farmers helped to date, they are making an enormous difference in the lives of those most affected by tree loss in the region. They have gone above and beyond to create long term solutions for the Indonesian people, including community education and field coordinator training in their list of local initiatives. They stretch every dollar donated to do as much as possible, making your donation even more impactful. 

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