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  • The Philippines have traditionally supported some of the most spectacular primary rainforests in South East Asia. In some islands such as Mindanao and Palawan, remnants of the great rainforests remain, though deforestation has decimated old growth forests in many areas. In addition to tropical rainforests, unique bamboo and mangrove ecosystems exist across the archipelago. The diversity of habitats in the Philippines support an exuberance of life making it one of the world’s seventeen “megadiverse countries” as well as a global biodiversity hotspot. Endangered wildlife such as the Philippine Eagle and Philippine Tarsier, as well as almost half of the countries 1,196 known species of amphibians, birds and mammals are endemic and found nowhere else. Your donation will help restore the Philippines spectacular forests, protect the island’s biodiversity and develop sustainable livelihood options for local communities.
  • Our partners in the Philippines are working hard to restore forest ecosystems with local people. Efforts are centred on habitat restoration for endangered species, safeguarding community watersheds and sustainable development through agroforestry and tree planting. Your support will help us make a difference on some amazing projects. By planting trees in the Philippines, your helping the B’llaan Tribe restore deforested land into rainforest in the Mount Matutum Protected Area - a haven for endangered wildlife and an important watershed; plant forests of giant bamboo in Mindanao in a community led effort to facilitate sustainable bamboo agroforestry and sequester carbon; and restore mangroves ecosystems vital for coral reefs and countless other species.
  • A personalized tree certificate (see gallery) to say thanks for your donation. We’ll also send you updates on the Philippines project, so you can track the impact made on the community and environment.
  • Our partners choose trees that will bring the greatest overall benefit to the ecosystem and region. This includes different types of native trees and nursery crop species. Depending on the needs of each section of habitat being restored, species may include rainforest trees such as dipterocarps, agroforestry species such as native fruit trees and giant bamboo, or mangrove seedlings.

Deforestation In the Philippines

Map of Deforestation in the PhilippinesEXPLORE ON GFW

As a tropical nation, the Philippines is an important country for maintaining and improving the health of the world's tropical rainforests. Tropical forests around the globe are vital in many ways. They are home to between 50-90% of Earth's species; one quarter of all medicines come from tropical plants; and tropical forests are a major player in the fight against climate change, as they store massive amounts of carbon dioxide and clean the air we breathe.

Tropical forests in the Philippines have been hit particularly hard by logging and resource extraction - only 6% of the country is now covered in rainforest.

In an effort to stop the destruction of critical forests, the Filipino government put a moratorium on logging in areas where biodiversity is threatened, and as of 2015, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) ranked the Philippines fifth in the world for annual forest coverage gain.


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Philippines local community


Our partners work with local communities and indigenous groups to support sustainable livelihoods through tree planting and agroforestry. Furthermore, jobs in tree nurseries help local women, improving gender equality.

Philippine tarsier tree


Trees aid in restoring the water cycle of a landscape, preventing erosion and reducing catastrophic flooding. Additionally, trees filter and clean the air while helping in the fight against climate change by trapping carbon .

Bamboo econonmy in the Philippines


The Philippine's  forests provide habitat for endangered species such as the Philippine Eagle, Philippine Tarsier, Luzon Bleeding-heart Dove and thousands of other species, many found nowhere else on Earth. 


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